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Our association gives all its members professional and media visibility via its website, its events, and its partnerships with companies and with the Speakers Bureaux.

Take part in our professionalizing workshop days, events and conventions to maximize/optimize your expertise and to meet French and international/foreign experts from the world of conference.


AFCP events


Test your NEW conferences or animations.

You can take part in AFCP events at a discounted price and present your future conferences or new animations before AFCP members during our weekly workshops.

The AFCP Mentoring program offers each and every one guidance and free access to the expertise of an experienced member of the association.


The mentoring program


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The AFCP is member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). In this respect, our members can benefit from an international network to build professional and friendly relations.

The AFCP is member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). In this respect, our members can benefit from an international network to build professional and friendly relations.

We favor MasterMinds between our members to enable an exchange of views, and a multi-generational and inclusive development of skills.


Develop your expertise


The Speakers Bureaux

The AFCP works in partnership with agencies specialized in advising and in the intervention of personalities (also called International Speakers Bureaux) to expand opportunities of conferences or animations for its members.

The CSP American certification, granted by the National Speakers Association, is the recognition granted by the international community of professional speakers.


Certified Professional Speaker



The AFCP offers a number of additional advantages, some of which justify a membership to the AFCP. Tempting…

A word from the President

I take up the post of Hervé Franceschi as President of the AFCP in the tormented environment induced by the economic and sanitary crises, which had an unprecedented impact on the world of event-planning. For everybody’s sake, I wholeheartedly hope that this difficult period will end soon. The strength of our Association relies on the cumulative force of our members. I count on the implication, motivation, and active participation of all our members in the realization of our actions.


The French Professional Speakers Association (Association Française des Conférienciers Professionnels, AFCP) is a place where talented speakers and masters of ceremony thrive, and where inspiring events take shape.  


The aims of the associations are:


– to work on the development of the profession of speaker and of master of conferences in France,


– to favor the development of the skills of professional speakers,


– to promote new pedagogical methods and to allow members to benefit from the best international practices,


– to favor interaction between professionals: associations, organizations, peers, and companies,


– to organize events which allow interaction between members and partners.


You will become part of the AFCP by following the recruitment process. We offer several progression paths to ease your way to excellence.


Our actions are based on three values: Brotherhood, Togetherness and Transparence.


Brotherhood because without it, relationships between members are drawn towards competition, distrust, or indifference. And we want togetherness, mutual support that enables members to grow together, sharing so as to stimulate each other and excellence so as to valorize our profession. During test conferences, everyone can learn from others via a system of feedback management.


Togetherness so as to feel comfortable trying new things out in a kind environment, to progress before and with our peers, to discuss and to stimulate each other in a pleasurable manner. Exchange days enable the sharing of good methods in a benevolent manner, with your peers.


And transparence because without transparence, members cannot throw themselves into their work, partners cannot collaborate, and sponsors cannot support us. So, yes! We will communicate in a more transparent way regarding the Board of Directors’ decisions and their application within the association.

We also changed our Code of Ethics towards the following values: UNITE: Union, Networking, Integrity, Tolerance, Excellence.


For the Bboard of Directors, the President:


Philippe Boulanger - Conférencier en innovation