Sheryn Knaider

Speaker & Certified Coach

Sheryn Knaider is a seasoned instructor and coach in applied neurosciences and creative problem-solving.

She has over 25 years of experience working in several industries including wood and timber trading, architecture and home design, food and beverage operations, restaurant concept development, theater and others. She is fluent in French, Italian, English and Arabic.

Sheryn is a very passionate, cheerful and dedicated partner to her clients.

She started her professional life in the 1990s helping her brothers managing the family business, one of the largest wood companies in Beirut, Lebanon at the time.

After graduating in architecture in France, she moved to Milan in Italy where she lived and worked for several years. Her husband’s cancer pushed her to explore the field of neuroscience. She then pursued her interest in behavioral science by studying applied neuroscience and specializing in the fields of lateral gradient thinking and mind mapping (she is a ThinkBuzan certified licensed instructor).

Her structured approach and programs provide her clients with the toolkits and mindset to approach day-to-day issues and challenges through creative problem-solving techniques that rely on applied neuroscience and mind mapping.

She is also an active advocate and coach for women at work, advising her executive clients on critical success factors to enable and empower women in the workplace.

Sheryn is the mother of three girls, a stand-up comedian, and a competitive swimmer. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create a non-profit association for aquatic activities for seniors, pregnant women and baby swimmers, and also set up a stand-up comedy school.

Her life interests include travelling to spend time with her daughters, swimming, writing, film and theatre.


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