charte à signer


The integrity of a professional speaker is fundamental to the success of the AFCP, of its members and of the speaker profession.


In this respect, any member of the association shall take out to the professional Code of Ethics below:


Our values represent our commitment to the association: Union, Networking, Integrity, Tolerance, Excellence (UNITE).


Article 1. Any spoken or written communication made by members must be coherent with their certifications and with their experience.


Article 2. Members must contribute to the brand image of the speaker profession by their professionalism and by their behavior.


Article 3. Before any intervention, members must ensure their client’s expectations, objectives, and the context of their demand with the latter.


Article 4. Members must respect copyright legislation in all their written or spoken communications. In this respect, members are committed not to use any intellectual property without an operating permit.


Article 5. Members must treat their colleagues with the utmost respect, the greatest courtesy and dignity required between professionals.


Article 6. Members must maintain and respect confidentiality regarding any of the client’s, agents’, or other speakers’ personal affairs.


Article 7.  In general, AFCP members who were to form a financial relationship with a fellow member shall avoid any decision-making regarding this person.


Article 8. Failure to respect one of those seven articles shall lead to a member’s immediate dismissal without further notice.


You will receive a copy of your commitment to the AFCP Code of Ethics by email.