All the details to access these benefits are available from the moment you are a member and logged into your account here.

Negotiated benefits for members


Partners calling for speakers

For Speaker Members and Masters of Ceremonies, reference to partners who call upon speakers. For students and explorers, this is a good motivation to get stronger !

Internet resources for Speakers and Master of Ceremonies

Tools, software, hardware and information relevant to your business are made available to you.

Speaker Agencies (Speakers Offices)

Speaker agencies are solicited by companies to provide them with relevant and competent Speakers for their events. Confirmed Speakers and Master of Ceremonies should contact them. Do you want the list and a recommendation to contact them effectively?


Visibility opportunities

Visibility actions are organized by the AFCP in different forms. For example, we made “rooms” on Clubhouse between March and July 2021 in collaboration with the agency of lecturers These rooms were recorded and broadcast live on Clubhouse and Zoom, and now appear on the AFCP YouTube channel.

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